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This website is a free resource created to provide high-quality information for Texas residents or anyone who is interested in doing business in or with Texas.

We’re passionate about helping regular people take on predators and freeloaders who exploit the legal system in order to prey on the innocent.

Every article on this website is reviewed by several attorneys in order to make sure that every topic is analyzed as much as possible and explained in the simplest terms.

How Texas Makes Our Job (and Your Life) Easier

Our goal is to help people defend themselves.

The good news is that the state of Texas makes our job easy because asset protection is heavily entrenched in Texas code and case law.

While many states provide relatively few protections to residents from lawsuit judgments, creditors, and others, the state of Texas provides residents with very clear strategies to make sure that their life savings aren’t necessarily wiped out because of greedy litigators, aggressive creditors, or spiteful ex-spouses.

How Texas Protects Its Residents

In the state of Texas, in many situations, you can generally do the following, even if you lose a lawsuit and/or have angry creditors trying to confiscate your assets:

  • Keep your home, regardless of its value, even if you lose a lawsuit or need to declare bankruptcy
  • Keep your wages from being garnished if things go south
  • Keep a business in operation – including making money – even if you personally are financially wiped out


There are also ways in Texas to:

  • Keep your firearms in a special trust where creditors can never reach them
  • Design your marital agreements so that even in the case of divorce, you aren’t decimated
  • Leave a nice inheritance to your beneficiaries without paying high taxes – whether you’re wealthy or not

Mixing the above with the absence of an income tax, it’s no wonder that people around the country aren’t moving to Texas in hordes.

Asset Protection is NOT Just for the Wealthy

Asset protection is something everyone, regardless of their net worth, should consider. In this age of frivolous lawsuits, almost everyone is at risk. Thankfully, the state of Texas keeps that in mind – and there are simple steps that anyone can take.

The single greatest asset-protection mistake Texans make is simply not acting. Most of the time, waiting until there’s a lawsuit is waiting too long.

You need to get everything in motion before there is trouble on the horizon.

How to Use This Website

This website is NOT legal advice. It’s just a free informational resource that you can use as a starting point in your journey to protect your assets.

To use this website, simply browse the pages and read. Some of the articles will be longer than others. Some of the topics will be drier than others. But all of the topics should be understood by every resident.

Make sure to check back regularly. We upload content about twice per month. Make sure to bookmark our homepage so you can easily find it again.