How to Create a Strong Prenup in Texas

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Prenuptial, antenuptial, or premarital agreements are more than forms you print off on LegalZoom or similar sites. Printing off a document and flitting it off can leave critical assets unprotected or prevent you from following all the best practices in Texas for your prenup. A strong prenup can preclude a court from striking any clause down […]

How to Break a Prenup in Texas

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Planning for complete asset protection in Texas can be a varied process when strategy takes the place over form. Forming a prenuptial agreement in Texas and getting that together can be the first step in protecting assets on the relationship side of things. After forming a prenuptial agreement, the next natural question is straightforward: how […]

Prenuptials in Texas:
What You Should Know About a Texas Prenup

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When two people join together in marriage, they aim to combine their lives, but they enter that arrangement with separate lives, jobs, property, income, and assets. One party may enter a relationship with an inheritance; another may have built a life through business or talent. The point is that people may have things in their […]

Are You Making These 15 Asset Protection Mistakes?

Asset protection is a broad area of law that tries to shield assets from creditors and other parties. The American Bar Association says that asset protection is for “high-risk occupations (i.e., doctors and real estate developers) and very wealthy individuals that realize they are targets for creditors.” And while that’s true generally, in states like […]

How to Use Out-Of-State LLCs in Texas

If you’re a business owner moving to a new state like Texas and taking your LLC with you, one question can be at the top of your mind: how to legally bring the company with you. A common situation is maintaining registration in Delaware, and moving to a new state. Perhaps you want to maintain […]

Texas Prenuptial Agreements: Don’t Make These Mistakes

Within popular culture, prenuptial agreements often get presented as a hurdle to true love or marriage. In the 2003 romantic screwball comedy movie, Intolerable Cruelty, George Clooney and Catherin Zeta-Jones’s characters dramatically rip apart prenuptial agreements as a sign of their love. But this is an overly simplistic view of what can be an essential […]

13 Creditor Protected Assets in Texas

Texas is known as being a haven for debtors, going back to before it was even a US state. Protections for debtors against creditors run through Texas history and inform the state constitution. In an interview with Dallas Morning News, one advisor for JPMorgan called Texas one of the most debtor-friendly states, and said that […]

Why DIY Asset Protection Is a Bad Idea

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One of the inevitable questions anyone has when they’re either educating themselves on asset-protection in Texas or developing a plan for it is whether or not to go the do-it-yourself route. The proliferation of DIY legal websites the past several years has made it easier to cut out the middleman and forge ahead solo. While […]

What is a Texas Homestead?

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The Texas Homestead is a shield, granted under both the Texas constitution and legal code, for homeowners to prevent creditors from taking a person’s home to satisfy a debt obligation. But what is a Texas homestead? Out of all the states in the union, Texas’s homestead protections give homeowners the broadest shield from creditors across […]

Homestead Exemption in Texas: How to Protect Your Home from Creditors

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This article will help you answer these questions: 1. Where do homestead laws even come from? 2. What is a Texas homestead? 3. What is the difference between an urban and a rural homestead? 4. What is the difference between family and individual homesteads? 5. How do I establish a Texas homestead? 6. How do […]